A Gift of Health

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Mind | Headspace

Why meditate?

You’ll sleep better (even those with insomnia see benefits).

You’ll have happier, healthier relationships by enhancing levels of relationship satisfaction, autonomy, closeness and acceptance of each other, while reducing relationship distress.

Anxiety currently affects about one in fourteen people worldwide. That’s 7.3% of the total world population. 69% of the studies analyzed showed meditation practice alleviates symptoms of anxiety.5

Findings also suggest that meditating for just four days is enough to improve novice meditators’ working memory, executive functions and their ability to process visual information.6


Belly | ProCoach

Over the past few years my team and I have helped over 200,000 people get fit and gain control of their eating. Even those who have tried and failed before. Now it’s your turn. Start by registering via the email invitation. We can even start by doing a kitchen rescue. You’ll take control of your own health and happiness instead of falling into the trap of 21st century disease and illness.

Body | Transformation Session

People without goals workout. That’s not you, though. You have goals, and you’re going to train for them. We’ll take one hour to go through a comprehensive foundational training session. It will cover breathing basics, trunk (what others call core) strengthening exercises, and primal strengthening exercises (think how you’re body is meant to move vs. how really moves). Through dedicated practice, you’ll take control of your own movement instead of falling into the trap of 21st century chronic pain and injury.

so….all that’s left is picking a day!