How One Song Can Help Initiate Your Body’s Relaxation Response

Where intention goes, the breath flows In a few minutes, you'll know how to perform Rhythmic Breathing, whether in silence, or to music. If you're wondering why you'd do that, ask yourself if you'd like any of the following: Synching of heart rhythm, respiration, and blood pressure. Knowledge of how to activate Stress Response and …


How Breathing Makes Your Brain Bigger

It turns out, breathing is good for you. Who would have thought it to be true!? In a study done at Trinity College Dublin, researchers found that breath-work enhances concentration, focus, and can even lead to growth of new connections in the brain. Take a breath. Inhale for one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, four-one-thousand. Hold for one-one-thousand, …

How to Implement Mantra and The Neti Technique – Lessons on Meditation 5

Welcome to Lesson 5 on Meditation from Panoptic. Today, you'll learn a technique for breaking the power of thoughts, as well as the basics of implementing mantra and affirmations in your meditative practice. This is the beginning of taking control of your self-limiting thoughts. Listen, enjoy, and provide feedback here.