It’s Cold Season Again

It’s that season again, and you’ve been asking, “Rob, do you get sick?”

Kidding…of course I get sick. But, I get sick much less frequently than I used to.

First, I ensure that I’m getting adequate sleep. If I try to get away with a few consecutive nights of under sleeping, I start feeling run-down. BAM! I get sick. 7-9 hours is mandatory for everyone except Donald Trump.

Secondly, I ensure that I’m getting real food in my diet, and that I’m doing everything in my power to avoid the sugary holiday foods. Refined sugar reduces the activity of white blood cells and increases inflammatory markers, opening you up to viruses during the next few hours.

Thirdly, WASH YOUR HANDS. Especially the backs of your thumbs (you know where) and the tops and tips of your fingers. Most people miss those places, and they have the highest concentration of bacteria.

Here are the supplements that I utilize to fortify myself during the cold season:

1. Garlic. It’s been shown to reduce frequency of colds by ~ 60% when taken daily. I use Allicin Max.

2. Jarrow Zinc Balance for prevention. One a day is great, unless you want weekly oysters or daily beef, then that works as a replacement.

3. Zinc Acetate Lozenges when you’re feeling a cold come on. When you get your first symptoms (like sneezing) start potting these every 3 hours until the cold symptoms go away. Also get some (2-4 mg) Copper when you’re popping these for more than a few days. Zinc prevents the cold virus from getting into your cells from the nose and throat tissue. Don’t chew them. Dissolve, and then don’t drink anything for a little bit.

4. Oregano Oil: Oregano oil is almost like a natural antibiotic. I take it orally (in a shot glass) when people around me are sick. 1-2x / day is pretty good. Check out Essential Oil Wizardry for more on this.

Thanks, Chris Masterjohn for your masterful article on this, check him out for more details.

Always check your blood levels before adding quantities of supplements to your body.

I hope you find this useful!

Love and Chi,


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