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Awaken dormant parts of your brain, balance your nervous system, reduce your stress response, and promote calm. Drive healing and transform life force energy to make your intentions reality. Take your meditation practice to the next level.

Join us for Initiation, Awakening, and SOMA level workshops. Stay informed on Instagram , Facebook, and Eventbrite (here and here), by subscribing to the email list on this site, or by emailing me at

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If you want to reduce fear, remove negative behavior patterns, and become more present, this is for you.

If you want to find your “flow” at will, then this is for you.

If you want to learn ways to lower blood pressure & inflammation, boost energy, self healing, and immunity, then this is for you.

I want to share this experience with YOU. BE there.

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What People are Saying

Here are some experiences from past workshops:

The format was excellent and easy to follow. I feel so balanced and grounded.

Today I felt for the first time that I was floating the entire time & I could not feel my body. Total inner peace.

Excellent workshop which is helping me to be grounded more and stress free.

I didn’t really know what to expect. The group was calm & fun, teaching was on point. The experience was sublime. Felt my whole body vibrating. Supreme calmness. Pretty gnarly.

I am here because:

“I want to have peace and let stress go.”

I would like to have:

  • “Clearer mind,”

  • “more focus,”

  • “less distractions.”

Before SOMA:

“Anxiety is constantly with me.

My mind is chaotic.

I need a break.”

After SOMA:

“For two very brief moments, I was alone.

Nobody was beside me.

There was no music.

No  rhythm.

No Rob.

I think this is what peace is.”

Before SOMA:

I would like to have:


stress release.”

After SOMA:

“Color of purple clouds…

release of neck muscles [where I have arthritis]…

Always would want to feel this calm.”

Before SOMA:

“I wanted to get rid of the stress I have built up.”

After SOMA:

“The session helped reduce tension…

in my body and joints.

My mind is at ease…

I am able to control my impulse reactions.

There was a point in the session

where I lost myself.

I don’t know where exactly I went…

my soul wants to go back there.

The entire room faded to black…

I was at peace.”