How to Try Cold Exposure RIGHT NOW!

Hello there! There is no better time to take charge of your health than NOW.

When you shower next morning, turn that water COLD for the final 10 seconds. Feeling like a pro? Go longer. 2-3 minutes is optimal. Longer than that? Go for it! Stop if you begin to shiver.

When you first get in, your body is going to try to force you to take a sharp in breath and hold it. This is a stress response. Exhale through it. take control of your breathing.

Cold exposure has been shown to lead to: 
Fat loss
Lower inflammation
Increased lifespan
Strengthen nervous system
Injury healing and improved recovery
Improved blood sugar regulation
Improved insulin sensitivity
Improved sleep quality
Improved immunity
Decreased perception of pain
Improved bone health
Improved will power and discipline

Drop a comment to share how you FEEL after today’s practice.

🔆♥️Love and chi,


Excerpt from the Panoptic – Total Human Wellness Facebook group.

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