Maintaining Function in Older Adults

Aerobic & resistance training together are the most effective for maintaining functional status in older adults.

In a study released May 18th, 160 obese older adults were split into four groups: a weight management program (wmp), wmp + aerobic training (at), wmp + resistance training (rt), and wmp + at + rt.

The participants in the weight management, aerobic, and resistance program saw the smallest decrease in lean muscle mass (only a 3% decrease vs 5% in the aerobic group) while losing 9% of their body weight.

In addition to that, they also experienced the best bone mineral density performance, only losing .5-1%, vs a decrease of 3% in the aerobic training group.

It’s almost obvious that participants in the aerobic group saw the greatest increase in peak oxygen consumption (17-18% at vs 8% rt). I can’t leave that part out.

In short, if you want to stave off muscle and bone wasting as you age, make sure you’re on a strength AND aerobic conditioning program.

I read it so you don’t have to.




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