PowerStretch: Spinal Durability

Our backs are super cool. The spine houses our information superhighway. Our back protects the spine, absorbs impact, flexes, extends, bends, and twists. At least, it should. We don't think about it until it stops doing one of those things, or worse, it begins to hurt. In this video, you'll find two mobilizations for restoring …

How to Implement Mantra and The Neti Technique – Lessons on Meditation 5

Welcome to Lesson 5 on Meditation from Panoptic. Today, you'll learn a technique for breaking the power of thoughts, as well as the basics of implementing mantra and affirmations in your meditative practice. This is the beginning of taking control of your self-limiting thoughts. Listen, enjoy, and provide feedback here.   https://soundcloud.com/panopticpw/lesson-5-mantra-and-the-neti