Raise $$$ for Childhood Cancer with Panoptic!

Join Panoptic in raising money in the effort to understand and heal childhood cancer.

Donate, even $1, here.

Join us to complete Wade’s WOD and donate on 11/12/2018 at Life Time Fitness – Schaumburg.

The official WOD time is 6pm, but I can be found at any time between 6am and 8pm to help you complete it.

Together, we can heal the world.


…and now for the esoteric stuff. If you’re not into it, no need to read it…

One must ask themselves questions in this life. Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? Why am I here?

A lesson from a teacher of mine, Kriyananda, is the law of life.

The Law of Life is this: You must ask for what you want. One must also consider that you may not truly want what you desire, should you attain it.

The law of magnetism suggests that what one puts into the world is what one attracts.

There is a desire to heal and serve.

By donating to a cause greater than yourself — and one that’s not lining the pockets of politicians and already-rich-people — you make the world a better place. By serving, you create a space where it is okay for others to do the same.

This tendency can be seen at any wedding. It’s easy to join a throng of dancing people, but it is difficult to be the first out on the floor, laying down some killer moves. That guy is crazy, but the second person is brilliant.

Be brilliant. Serve a cause higher than yourself.

Donate, even $1, here.

That is all.


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